Exploring Docker

A friend of mine put me onto docker a few weeks ago and since then I’ve become rather obsessed with all things docker. I’ve gone from tinkering around with containers to recommending my company look into a strategy that will fully containerize our asp.net application.

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Challenging Global Health

Public health is a barrier to economic growth, so it is an essential part of a successful strategy for a nation. When we look internationally we can all see the disparity between how capable different nations are at handling this global challenge. It’s something worth thinking about.

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Time Management with KanbanFlow

I had been trying to find a solution to the problem of how can I feel productive if I don't know where I've spent my time? I would get to the end of a day and wonder, what did it amount to?

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Tipue, the JavaScript Search

Tipue is a browser based JavaScript site search that allows you to add search to your site without adding any server side code.

What you would normally do with a third party search provider like Google Custom Search Engine or server side search software like Solr you do with a small JavaScript file.

There are two major downsides: Tipue wants to get you up and running fast, so the HTML generation is built-in, if you aren't happy with the HTML it generates this might mean editing the JavaScript, and because it's a relatively small JavaScript file it doesn't carry the same querying and indexing functionality you'd expect from a dedicated search solution.

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Getting Chocolatey to work on Windows 10

Windows 10 was released today and the first thing I did when I got it installed it try to get chocolatey working. Wasn't as easy as I'd hoped but it still integrates really nicely with Window's new packaging system.

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How to find information on candidates in Ireland

So yesterday I talked about how hard it is to get the information on candidates running for election you need to make an informed vote. In this post I'd like to describe some of the current methods you can use to get information on which candidates are running and if they have been previously elected, what they have done when in power.

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It's harder than it should be to make an informed vote

This is the first election I've actually spent time researching the individual candidates before voting, there are 17 candidates so as you can imagine it took quite a long time, and even though I spent Friday Evening, most of Saturday and Sunday evening on it, I still made some mistakes which I found out once I sent and email to every candidate informing them that I had written and published the blog.

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Potential future councillors of Pembroke South Dock

So if you are looking at this post you are probably wondering the same thing I was, who should I vote for in the upcoming election. We really should have started looking into this earlier, maybe next time. It's actually a lot of work to research each of these candidates and I really can't find an easy way of finding out information about them so I'm probably going to prioritise candidates that give out the most information on the internet.

This post reflects my experience of looking for a candidate and my political views, it's not intended to be an unbiased guide to candidates, I may get some information wrong, I didn't try especially hard not to, if you find it useful, please take the time to say thank you in the comments. It will make my day :)

Here is a list of all the candidates running in the upcoming election, I took this from elections.org, I reordered their list though so minorities, women and less powerful parties/independents were at the the top, for no particular reason whatsoever! Why is gender important? Because of this: thejournal.ie/local-elections…

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We're biological robots

The brain is where decisions are made, everything that makes up you is contained within it. Alterations to the brain such as damage to cells or changing the amount of chemicals can alter how you make decisions.

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Things to do regarding authentication in web apps

Links in emails you send me should log me in

As long as the only security you provide to reset my password is my email address stop sending me emails with links that don't automatically log me in. Particularly when it comes to “click to unsubscribe” and “verify your email” links. They make me think your application is made by people who hate me.

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Creating software copy protection and hacking it

An important part of monetizing your work is creating a situation where people are willing to give you money.

One of the ways, in desktop software, to create that situation is to prevent your software from being used or used fully without giving you (enough) money.

This blog post is going to break down how that works into it's different parts and then provide you with some sample implementations of copy protection along with their weaknesses.

Here are the some types of restrictions:

  • You do not get the software until you have paid (your website could prevent download of any software till you have paid for the product)
  • You cannot use the software in certain ways you have not paid for (the trial software could limit the use of the product, or you might buy a license for one machine)
  • You have a time limit on how long you can use the software (trial period)
  • Users cannot access the source code

Here are some ways you can tell if the user is a valid user

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